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Originally Posted by calabash digger View post
I can set the tone breaks on the deus too, I don't know if you got that far with it in your learning curve. 2 TONE, 3TONE,4 TONE, 5 TONE,PITCH ,full tones And also can set the to tones to break where I want them to and also can set the pitch of the tone in those breaks. In 2.5 weeks don't know if you spent enough time with the deus. I do like the idea of trying a impact though. A adjustable machine really takes time to learn but the benefits are great , but some like simple and I get that too.
I experimented with setting the tones in the 5 tones and the 3 tones modes mode. Full tones I had not tried. Granted I am no expert with the Deus at all But I think I got really close to the settings I use with the Impact. It was a lot of fun in the field with both. I hope you get to run an Impact soon. You will truly understand...No joke and no taking away from your video.

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