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Originally Posted by Rudy View post
Fisk is a top notch foreign correspondent, no doubt about it. But what credentials does he have to qualify him as an expert on this subject? I didn't see anything in his wiki to support his expertise on this subject.

In the past, the price of silver has been heavily (and easily) manipulated.
Just Google "Hunt brothers" as an example.
I guess I don't understand. Are you saying that a seasoned reporter needs to be an expert on a subject in order to write a credible article? As far as I'm concerned his track record and outstanding history of reporting the news is all the credibility the man needs.

I don't think he would risk his career by falsely stating that China, Russia, Japan and France are planning to end dollar dealings for oil.

I'm sure he has his "sources" as does every credible journalist.
Bloomberg BusinessWeek also carried the story by Mr. Fisk. I doubt they would risk their credibility by posting it if they saw falsehoods in his reporting of the story.
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