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Originally Posted by Ace400 View post
One sided? How do you figure? They are letting you on THEIR property. Property that cost them exponentially more than your detector and whatever you think your time is worth. A one sided relationship would be you standing on the other side of the fence looking longingly at their property wishing you could detect there. And no matter what your card or letter or words say, by letting you on their property, they are opening themselves up to potential liability if you were to get hurt while detecting. Which is why, on that side of the pond at least, Detectorists carry specific insurance for the hobby.
Why bring up LIABILITY? I never said a word about that.....

I already made my points how it's one sided in my post above this one....

I am not trading my detector and time for how much THEIR PROPERTY is WORTH, unsure why you mention property worth???

I am finding targets in the ground

I would just move on to the next spot where there were no expectations of ME and the things I find!

But to each their own, right!
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