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Originally Posted by Samd007 View post
I purchased my Nox in January of this year. I maintain it will and don’t drop or use it as a crutch. My “rest” under the Velcro strap that keeps it upright when setting down, split down the middle. I have seen replacements online from Australia for $50+. I can’t see why an expensive piece of equipment doesn’t have better parts. I have emailed and called Minelab but no response. So I’m wondering what size PVC pipes do I need to replace it with? Also do the 3D printer models on EBay work any better? UGH
Exact replacements are available from many US dealers and Amazon for around $20 if you don't hear back from Minelab. Something keeps nagging at my brain that says Minelab doesn't warranty the arm rests.

I have owned 5 Equinox detectors and have treated them poorly at times. No problems so far with the armrests with over 7,000 hours on two of them except for the foam padding wearing out which is something else Minelab won't warranty.

If you buy as OEM replacement, be careful making sure that it goes together easily and that the screw is not overtightened or forced. I did have to remove a little burr on the bottom half of one of the arm cuffs where the upper and lower parts of the cuff meet that made it not quite fit together properly.

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