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Default Yes, we have a winner

So, who picked the Johnny Lightning brass token the size of a friggin dollar(dollar coin reference only)

No one???? Odd, would have been my guess right after the Chinese coin....just teasing Glenn

Ok then, who picked a tiny maybe silver ring?? No markings and cut as if to remove from someones finger(too tight??)
of course no one.

Then who picked the 68 Dodge Charger, being a Mopar man, I probably would have made an exception for that guess


Got tired of sitting at the computer playing the word association game, decided to do a little detecting, still pretty hot out so was only going to mess around for about 15 minutes, decided to detect under my porch steps, my porch was an add on at a later date then when the house was built, but the steps were rickety and I decided to move them out and start to repair them, but decided to detect under where they were, I expected to hit the mother load of nails, signal were nuts ranging from 05 to 99 and then overload(stupid token) started to dig, found a few nails, then the token, got excited for about 2 seconds then began to curse...
Next pulled out a few Zinc's, a copper, a bud light can, figured that was it, rechecked, hmmm, more signals, then found the car and ring almost simultaneously, cleaned the ring before taking a pic, thought it was just an ear ring at first(it's tiny) now I must be done...nope, 25, 25 27, hut hut hike, figured, might as well get the stupid pull tab out of there while I'm at it, nope, not a pull tab, a nickel, I figured modern, too dirty to tell, figured modern. Covered up the whole, pushed the steps back....I'm hot, I'll fix them later, Went in, threw everything on the counter be the sink, cleaned the token and ring first, started to wipe the nickel off with my thumb, and there I saw a glimpse....a "V" uh oh, someone guessed those....cleaned with a toothbrush and some dish soap and...

My oldest "V" Nickel to date 1898 "V" Nickel

tvg123 Congratulations!!!

pm me your address for your prize.

and the rest of you...

No, seriously, thanks for playing, I thought I wasn't going to find anything close to the contest the way it was going, sorry I didn't get a pic of it coming out of the hole, didn't figure it for anything worth the time.

we need a new contest.....
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