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Originally Posted by jruckman38 View post
Called the local coin and hobby shop to see what a good asking price would be on my coins he was like why you want to sell them. I was like cause I wanted to. He said I had bad attitude about wanting to sale them. I was like what I just asked you one question how do you get I got a bad attitude. Lol. Then he ask why I didnít sale them 3 years ago when silver was 45 dollars in oz I told him I didnít have them then. Then he asked how I came about them never asked how many I had or what I had. I told him I found them metal detecting he said cool story and hung up on me. Lol what in a hole.

Let all of us know who it was.....that way maybe other members here fo the area wont bother calling him or giving him any buisiness....
If it costs him just one customer from here ...its something
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