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Default Closed My Eyes and Faced the Sun…and the Sun Smiled Upon Me

I have had a really rough last 2 weeks dealing with 2 issues. I needed to get out for a hunt to help me clear my mind and emotions a bit. Last night, I checked the “Surfline” app for the following morning and it said “FLAT”. Even though low tide was just after 6am, with good conditions it would be fine. I was out of my house at 6am but when I got to the beach, I noticed a significant amount of wind blowing that wasn’t blowing at my house. I checked the app again and again indicated it was OK, but when I checked the “MSW” app, it indicated worse conditions. I got to the beach, and it wasn’t the calm I was expecting, but it was workable so I went in. There were very few targets. The following is going to sound sappy and cheesy but it’s true. At over an hour into the hunt, the sun was out above the ocean and making my face warm. I closed my eyes and faced it and kept swinging. Within 5 seconds I get a tone in all-metal. I take one scoop and it’s empty. I move the knob to discriminate and hear a mid-tone. Another scoop and I look in the basket and . I knew by its diminutive size, yet weighty feel that it was going to be the real deal. I only hunted for about 3.5 hours, as for the last half of the hunt, with the tide coming in, I began to feel that I was in an increasingly physically abusive relationship with the surf. One of the times I was slammed on the head by a large wave and I thought it had knocked off my very nice polarized Ray-Bans. I kept feeling all over my head for them, but they were gone and I got a little upset. It wasn’t until a few moments later that I realized I was still wearing them on my face.

At home, I check the ring which is completely unmarked. First the diamonds and they test real. Then I acid test it and it passes them all with flying colors, except the 22K test – so that baby is at least 18K. It’s a very little ring but it weighs in at a very nice 5.5 grs. The glasses I found I thought were going to be fake Ray-Bans, due to their lightness, are actually real but the lenses are in pretty bad condition despite the big abrasion on one of them that I may have caused. I will be having trigger finger surgery on my left hand on September 22nd so I may only have 1 or 2 hunts left for a while.
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