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Default Cleaning some tools with vinegar...great results!

I haven't posted here in a long time b/c well, life changed, last winter was WET, work changed, etc, and I haven't been detecting. I also don't generally detect when it's hot outside. Drips on my glasses...

Anyway, I was working on my boat recently and left my driver bit set outside in the rain for a few days unknowingly and you can see the result of that. Also, I needed the old tap and die set my dad gave me and found them to be in need of a cleanup.

So, I got my Harbor Freight rock tumbler out, some vingegar, and aquarium gravel and threw in the taps in one container with the dies in another.

Check out the results! I was a little concerned b/c the rock got stuck in the dies and was worried the thread could be damaged getting pieces out so be careful about that.

Sprayed em down with some WD40 but should've used something else maybe.
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