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Default I Stepped In It Big Time Today

Early this morning I hunted 2 different sites. One was almost devoid of any targets and the other one was loaded up with a ton of trash. I kept working at it and thinking any minute I'd pop a silver coin. I figured the site would be prime for silver coins since I found around 10 or so wheat pennies at that site.

Anyway I was about to leave because I kept seeing the same car drive by several times that had darken windows and boom music turned way up. I wasn't in a really good part of town so I kept my eyes peeled. I was having trouble concentrating on detecting.

My cell rang and it about scare me to death. I finally got it out of my pocket and answered it. A guy on the phone wanted to know if I called. I said I don't who are you. After a little going back forth, we figured out that I called him a few days ago after I got his number from his painter.

I wanted to get permission to detect one of his houses. He was hesitate and was trying to come up with an excuse to not let me, but I talked him out of his weak excuse. He was trying hang his hat on that he had it rented and the tenants were going to be moving in a couple of days and they may not appreciate me detecting the yard. I shot that one down fast.

Anyhow, I jumped in my SUV and headed to the site. All of a sudden I smelled something that smelled to high heaven. I figured that I had stepped in some dog !!!!, so I pulled over and got out to check. Yep, it was dog !!!! alright and I preceded drag my shoe in the grass to remove it.

I finally got it all cleaned off and was able to get to the new site to do some swinging. I ended up finding a total of 14 wheat pennies, a bunch of clad coins and a sterling silver WW2 air force pilot's wings. I love finding those!

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