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Default First hunt of the year: a good and golden deed

Got a call from a former student a few days ago and she told me her husband had lost his wedding ring while out playing with the dog. She asked if I might be able to find it with my metal detector and I told her I was reasonably certain I could. I couldn't look for it for a couple days due to nasty weather, but I eventually got out and found it after about 40 minutes of detecting.

The ring was 10k white gold the wife had told me it was silver, so I was looking for high tones on or near the surface. I gridded out the area where she said he lost it, but didn't have any luck, so I started looking for gold signals on the surface. Not long after I widened my search parameters, I got a really loud and shallow 45 on the AT Pro and that was it. I was actually surprised how low it rang up for a large-ish man's ring. But I found a 9k ring in Singapore that rang up a 42, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

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