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Yea, what you have there is a problem detector.
It is Chinese which can be hit or miss in function and quality and either yours is just broken or is functioning as well as it can.
This company says it can hit a dime at 24" which is an out and out lie so this does not bode well.

It happens, many have made a mistake on their first but sucked it up, took some advice from more knowledgeable types and rebooted.
If you can get your money back that would be great, if not all is not lost.

There are so many out there at all prices and many that don't cost a whole lot that many folks started with and did pretty good.
Eventually some upgrade to others with more features but they always have fond memories of their first if it works and they spend time learning it.

Don't know what you have left in the bank or even if you are willing to try again but this is one many started with around here and comes highly recommended for the low price.
Order from their website and you can use the 40% off coupon or print it out and take it into a local store and use it there.

Just one of several at $150 or less that will actually work.

If you can't get this one working I hope it doesn't stop you from getting into this hobby.
It is a great one when you use tools that work.

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