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Ya i figured that, the coil was cheap, it will have some purpose on land , heavy iron, side walk strip's , school yards, i know it's small, however in that spot were the water breaks on shore below the low tide line, i think it might have a edge over the 11 coil , not depth wise , but holding up to pounding surf, i will give it a try, as far as the 15 inch, my DF is down, the battery connector broke again, 1970s technology Whites still uses the same battery connector and box in the DF, as in my 1976 coin master , Craig you are correct won't find anymore than the stock, but i know it won't break under a pounding at the surf line, Earl PS Everyone doesn't live in CT were there isn't much tide , or wave action Stink mud, you need a trip to the white sand beaches

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