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Research research....and more RESEARCH,,,
specail thanks to westernlegand!
you would Not believe how a little reading helps! I have found out that a farm crossing on the Rockcastle River was the origanal Daniel Boone crossing years ago. Now as the story goes,,the people that ran the crossing/ferry was also murdering thieving low life scum that would kill the people and steal all of thier possesions! o.k. so what goes around...
seems when the battel of Wildcat mountain was going on the father in law heard the cannons and figured when it was over things couldnt go right for him so while his son in law was gone out he took the strongbox filled with gold an silver and took it off to hide it..he had a slave working there take him across and told git back acros the river and iffen i see ya look back ill kill ya.
so while he was gone the son in law came back...when he asked the slave where he had went he told him what had happened ,,,about a half hour later when the father in law returned his son an him got into a terrible fight and the old man was killed ...Now the interesting part..the old man was buried in a grave that had to be chiseled in the rock the bottom three feet,,years later in the 40's some boys found a few spanish coins around the barn foundation after a flood on the river washed out the under brush and they could see the foundation stones...the grave was robbed and someone looking for the stash found nothing but bones..the gold and silver in the strong box was never found.
.my problem now! I know where the crossing is...i know where the grave is..i know where the hills are...HUGE hills but not impossible to search because the hills are still mostly un touched. i have a few md's 2 whites prizam ii's what kind would be better or do you all think this kind would work on the strong box burried under dirt and leaves on a hillside mountain top for this long with no other metals around? any help AND yes i have permission to hunt all of the places !
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