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Originally Posted by z118 View post
Great post! I have been confused about these features on my Sov GT, but I now understand what the threshold hum represents and how the threshold knob differs from the volume knob.

What I can't figure out is why the threshold volume level slowly increases as I hunt without me touching any of the controls; enough so that I need to continue adjusting it down every 20 minutes or so. What I also don't understand is why the threshold volume goes from inaudible to painfully loud with maybe a 1 degree turn of the knob. Any insight from the Sov users out there?
The reason the threshold is getting increased most likely the knobs are being brushed with the headphone cord and causing the knob to turn to a louder position, it is a common occurence with the sovereign series, the knobs are not not set very deep inot the faceplate and they are easily brushed during a hunt
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