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Originally Posted by PI Hunter View post
Yes Sir: I have seen doctors for my condition seems there's nothing to stop the ringing tried a few methods that work for some people. Dr. says I will be carrying this continuous ringing phone for life. Hearing aids helps but can't wear them in headphones. I have the cheapest hearing aids on market because I am living on fixed income. I have 70% loss in left ear and 65% on right ear. Reason I can't wear aids while water hunting is sweat or water will kill them and I get both while hunting. I hunt now in the water with good luck but just looking for ways to improve to get all depth I can.
Can't speak for the rest. But the dualfield you can open it and turn up the volume to max with a screwdriver. I got some hearing loss in my left ear. And it's plenty loud for me. Maybe someone in your area you can test theirs if its set at full?

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