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I think most of our Coin Shooters are well aware that they're giving up some good finds. I explained the logic behind coin shooting in the other thread:

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Yes, using a lot of discrimination or avoiding certain signal ranges they will miss some good targets. Its a trade off. Lots of hunters have limited time to detect so they're willing to give up those iffy signals and concentrate more on getting as many good finds as possible in the limited time frame.
Other reasons? Some hunters have health issues such as bad knees, and they simply aren't capable of digging every single signal without being exhausted or in pain after a very short time.

For these reasons some folks are willing to concede a few good targets in order to have a higher treasure to trash ratio at the end of the day.

I say to each his own.

The label "coin shooting" and "relic hunting" is even separated here on this forum and most others.
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