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Default Is coin shooting is a part of Relic Hunting?

Occasionally I have faced that coin shooting is not a relic hunting for America's detectorists. I was surprised since we do not divide coin hunting and relic hunting in Russia.

I was told that us hunters discriminate all sectors except sectors dealing with coins. Such way of hunting leads to deep coins and coins laying on edge missed. Coin (high conductor) laying on edge and being deep could be rated as a low conductive target and it would rather be shifted by a ground signal into iron sector that is located close to zero (sector with VDIs -20...0). If the site was never ploughed the oldest coins are more likely to be the deepest ones. How can detectorist differ deep object from unwanted target? Deepest object produces the weakest signal. Pay attention to signal strength and if you face iron signal with low strength with VDI -20...0 , it could possibly be a valuable find.
The another case deals with just deep coins laying flat. With depth increase, object's VDI will increase antil signal disappears in ground zone. First it will be shifted in hot rock zone (zone that is very close to ground zone), then it could jumps in iron zone (iron sector that is very close to ground zone) and only then signal disappears. Ground signal is what responsible for signal "jump"/"shift".

To sum all up, do not discriminate entire non ferrous zone and iron sectors those close to zero and close to a ground zone

Happy Coin Hunting!

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