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Originally Posted by jdenham View post
I'm wondering if anyone in the Asheville/Hendersonville NC area would be able to help me. I lost a wedding band in a pile of grass beside a cornfield. I've cleared out a large portion of the grass looking for the ring. I don't know at this point if I may have scooped it up while looking and tossed it further. I could really use someone with expertise and I was someone from Hendersonville had posted on here once but I'm not sure if they still surf this group. Help me Obi Wan Detecter, You're my only hope.
Oh how I wish I was up there this weekend!!!!
My MIL lives there and my SIL is using staying at her house so we had to cancel our trip. SIL is house hunting.
I soo hope someone can help!!!!!
But I know I saw someone post that lives up near there! Think it's NCBounty15 .......
If not I will be up there the first part of June and for the 4th weekend.

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