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Originally Posted by MurdochBaines View post
Hey all. I'm a newbie. I was wondering what keeps you going. Alot of you out there spend $500 on equipment and you will never find $500 worth of finds. Is it the thrill that the next thing could be a 24k bar? is it the history behind coins? Is it that you are uncovering the past? I want to convince myself that it's good enough to spend a few $$ to find less than what I paid for my equipment.
I don't know about others this is the reason I search.

Why We Search

Why do we swing the coil
As we walk along the grass
Back and fro as a pendulum
As we make our careful pass

Is it to find untold riches
To make our searching pay
Or simply to uncover things
Brought back to light of day

Our treasures are not of a kind
The world would seek to grasp
We seek only to enrich this day
By preserving things long past

ŠTony Mantia 2009
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