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Originally Posted by MurdochBaines View post
Hey all. I'm a newbie. I was wondering what keeps you going. Alot of you out there spend $500 on equipment and you will never find $500 worth of finds. Is it the thrill that the next thing could be a 24k bar? is it the history behind coins? Is it that you are uncovering the past? I want to convince myself that it's good enough to spend a few $$ to find less than what I paid for my equipment.
Lets see... some will and some won't... when I started beach hunting 6 years ago I found 52 gold rings my first year of water hunting so yeah if you put in the time you can make your money back but don't look to get rich otherwise we could all quit our jobs and do this This is my hobby... I enjoy it when I have the time to get out... whether it be a gold ring or a pouch of coins and pulltabs its getting out and enjoying the thrill of the discovery that keeps me in the hunt... I also enjoy the research learning about this history of each site I hunt...

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