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Originally Posted by MurdochBaines View post
Hey all. I'm a newbie. I was wondering what keeps you going. Alot of you out there spend $500 on equipment and you will never find $500 worth of finds. Is it the thrill that the next thing could be a 24k bar? is it the history behind coins? Is it that you are uncovering the past? I want to convince myself that it's good enough to spend a few $$ to find less than what I paid for my equipment.
You make it sound like the point of hobbies is to make back the money you shelled out in order to do the hobby in the first place... To me it's kind of like fishing in that you just never know what you're going to get and there's always the chance of hooking (or finding) something really special...and there's no way I've caught enough fish to pay for all my fishing gear! I also really enjoy being outdoors and of course finding old coins and jewelry! If your motivation is simply to pay off your gear it probably isn't the hobby for you.

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