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Originally Posted by mad_22_07 View post
New to the site and new to metal detecting. Recently purchased a nox 600 and a Whiteís TRX. Really just trying to learn the hobby and the equinox with this Georgia red clay seems to read iron everywhere no matter what when I run on all metal mode when Iím trying to get a good read on a target. Tried running the bias on 2 doesnít seem to make much difference and afraid of missing targets on 3 so Iíve just been trying to deal with it I auto the noise and ground balance often I guess the soil here just has that much iron in it. Havenít tried any parks or fields just been in the woods mainly.
Hi; Welcome to the forum. I have had similar problems here in North Carolina when trying to use all metal mode in red clay. I just figured it was because I was new to the machine (AT-Max) and didn't know what I was doing. There was an area I wanted to detect for relics but the all metal mode on that red clay freaked me out and I gave it up for the time being. I think the next time I will try manual ground balancing after I automatically ground balance. My learning curve seems to be coming along nicely in the other modes. Good luck with your red clay.
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