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I was addressing the OP

But, as you asked, yes my machine can do all that you state, and more lol

Originally Posted by Detector View post
I have no doubts about that, but that wasn't what I suggested. You show me just one of those that can accurately and consistently ID a coin at that depth and I'll show you the best detector made hands down. Oh, and you could spot one pretty easily because it would be the one everyone would be using.

Let's face it using the best of today's detector technology, reliable target ID, be it tone or visual, maxes out around 8", and even then it depends on conditions. One of the claims about the new Equinox is deeper accurate target ID at greater depth than predecessors. If true, it will change the game for all manufactures.

And just for the record, only a handful of detectors are capable of somewhat consistent reliable ID at 8". The vast majority is more like 6"
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