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Originally Posted by jmaclen View post
I love the Eurotek Pro/Minuteman. The F22 is also a very nice detector for the money. The money is the issue here however. How much detector can one get for $$200? A whole lot and it isn't from the two you asked about. The Vanquish 440 is an awesome detector. An even more incredible deal is the Nokta Makro Simplex+ which has much faster overall speed and target recovery than the Minuteman/Eurotek Pro/F22. The Simplex also is fully waterproof, has wireless capabilities, has a real all metal mode (which none of your detectors or the ones you asked about have) and is just a great all around detector. The Vanquish/Simplex combo to me is the ultimate budget detector combination.
This is the best advice you're gonna get.....

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