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Originally Posted by bigtim1973 View post
Why not save your money and get a better unit?

If your loving the hobby then I would definitely save for a better unit. ..if all you do is buy 225.00 dollar metal detectors because your like the low end models that is one thing. But if you sold those 200 to 275. Dollar machines your using and buy a 600 to 700 dollar unit like the equinox 600 or the XP ORX your detecting will go to another level once you learn the machine......just food for thought.
This is kind of my thought as well. You have some assets that could be liquidated (wisely over a bit of time) to make a step into new territory. That's what I'd do, but I don't have the assets you are holding at the moment. Facebook marketplace will get you a lot of exposure with zero fees. People (like me) would make a relatively serious drive to purchase what they were looking for, if necessary.

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