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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View post
Iím just ready to get mine and go detecting!

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Yes sir, me too! I have a spot that Iíve found a lot of old coins, a ton of Indians and barber dimes (but no old nickels?) and I canít wait to give my Equinox a chance to hold its own. This place is in my yard (Iíve got a giant yard) and Iíve pounded it to absolute death with my old ATPro with 4 different coils, then later with my trusty ETrac with 4 different coils. This is my go to place when I need to get out for a quick hunt. Iíve been over it every direction, speeds, discrim patterns, bone dry, sopping wet and literally dozens of times. Iím not saying this Equinox will be like going over virgin ground, but if it can squeak out a coin or two in this tiny area, Iíll definitely be impressed. But Iím skeptical, but Iím from Missouri, so I canít wait for it to ďShow MeĒ!
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