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Originally Posted by teotwawki12 View post
The RC has a 57 on the bottom, so it looks like a first year. The ACL actually held up okay, which is unusual for this swamp dump, but I suppose being a little later on helps, eh? The Coke can has an offer on the side which expires in 1972, so I'm guessing 71 or 72. It was a surface pick from the walk out (which was a bit long since I went the wrong direction and ended up bushwhacking in the direction I knew the road to be....which is fantastic when you've been digging for five hours in 90 degrees of mosquito infested humidity and are looking forward to that cooler of water and air conditioning... )

And the milks turned out well. I soaked 'em overnight in 50/50 muriatic & water to get the rust spots off. I really like the pints with embossing; pretty yet take up very little room! Funny thing about the Reading Home Dairy; I totally missed it. Came out in a shovel full of dirt after a cave in apparently...stood up to grab my bottle of water and it was sitting on my tailings pile.....

- that's also the first variation of a mason jar with Anchor Hocking I have found. Probably 50's (?) and the old lid that was on it hides the chip on the mouth very well....

Thanks for your knowledge.
10-4 I found one of my Cokes with the radio offer from Feb.'72 and it's straight sided. Evidently the factory that made your can was already doing the crimp can. Learn something new every day.

Interesting also, you found some Anchor Hocking jars; your RC bottle was also made by Anchor Hocking.
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