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Originally Posted by Chipk View post
A few years ago I was contacted by a fellow who wanted to learn to detect. Soon he was equipped with an Ace 250 and pinpointer and the basics of the hobby.

2 weeks later he called me but was whispering so low I couldn’t hear him. I asked why he was whispering and he said he didn’t want anybody to hear him even though he was alone in a field.

I asked why he was being so secretive and he replied “I just peed my pants”

I said “Why are you calling to tell me that?” and he said he was sending me pictures and hung up.

Fearing I was getting pictures of his urine soaked trousers I hesitated to open them but when I did I understood. I would have fouled my pants too.

His second hunt. His second target. An 1876 $20 Double Eagle. I told him I hate him. Since then he also found a $1 gold coin in the same area.

I hate him twice as much. But I must be a decent trainer

I hate that guy and I don’t even know him! Lol. Wow

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