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Originally Posted by campnagle View post
Not the weight, it's the balance to me. The stock shaft is small and the arm cuff is to close to my wrist, not back by my elbow where it needs to be.
I found a old thread that a member here made a extension called a " Garrett gizmo" and a video that showed the problem of the short cuff placement.
I tried to get one but the thread was several years old so I got an Anderson straight shaft. I'm impressed and like the machine but again found the balance terrible for my use.

I should be getting a new detector here in a few weeks. I wonder if I will feel a big change then. My biggest complaint would have to be the grip. I have a big hand and can not really grip the little thingi find myself trying to hold it with my bottom 3 fingers and using the top two to sway the housing. Not sure if that makes sense but it works for me. Even after I get the new detector I plan to finish building the at out with a new coil and straight shaft and a sticker job. It was a blessing for me to get this unit but I feel I have out grown it on a few levels. Still a great unit that will find things over and over again. It paid for itself in the first 15 days.
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