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Originally Posted by tnsharpshooter View post
A lot of detectors use springs to hold tension on AA battery contacts.

When you remove your batteries for whatever reason,,a tip.

Try to remove from the non spring end exerting a little pressure to compress spring a small amount to relieve tension.

If you just reach in and pull the batteries out,,,,the spring tension applied,,,,you can actually bend or break your springs.

Same goes with trying to grab from the spring end-- bent or broken spring.

Some detectors do come with a woven cloth like thingy to pull on to get your batteries out,,,I don't recommend using.

Remove batteries one at a time,,,take your time.

Can prevent downtime and headaches.
Good post David,we don't really give this any thought until it happens. If you have the AA on your XS and yours is anything like mine,those things are in there pretty tight! My IDXPro also has a AA pack as I sold the rechargeable one with another unit but that's fairly tight as well. The seemingly little things can really save one huge SOB of a headache.
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