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Originally Posted by Mud-puppy View post
Yeah...I like coins...Since I started detecting and joined the local Numismatic Club, I have found myself thinking of everyday purchases in terms of the price of Silver...? Thats sort of odd I guess?

IE: one Burger King Value mean equals a BF Half! A Snickers bar or a can of soda is a Merc dime! I would NEVER spend a BF half or a Merc dime on that!

When a guy hits a totter and pulls a fast 3.50 clad kicking through the chips, Hey! That there was a damned old SLQ!

I still smoke, and lately thats a habit I'm trying to deal with...pissing away a Walker Half everyday on a pack of ready rolls makes a guy feel guilty...We all know how hard it is to find one of those! DAMN! I'd have 365 Walker halfs/yr if I could give this up! Now THATS a stack!

Fisher F70, Fisher F44, Fisher F2, 2018 clad: $0.01, Silver coins: 0, Indian heads: 0, Wheaties: 0, Gold rings: 0, Silver rings: 0, Total clad: $286.80, (after paying off the F2), Silver coins: 38, Gold rings: 4

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