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I cash in all my clad finds every year and buy silver or gold with it. I also allot $100-$150 per month for precious metals purchase because I like the stuff. If you plan to make a profit with it you need to be patient and be prepared to hold it for awhile until the time is right to sell. Like stocks, there is no guarantee that you'll make a profit. I buy at coin shows because that's where I get the best prices, both buying and selling. I prefer common silver coins because the spread is small and if silver ever totally crashed, I could still spend them because they are still legal tender. Bars and ingots are not. I never buy on EBay. I also buy other coins, both silver and gold that are for my personal coin collection. The collection brings enjoyment no matter what the daily price of PM's are. One piece of advice......NEVER NEVER buy from those home shopping channels !!!!!
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