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I've been putting most of my savings in bullion and coins for about ten years. It keeps value as cash goes down by inflation. I started when gold was 700 per oz. Now is a really good time to buy. Prices went down significantly after the election. I've bought online and in person, just go with well established businesses. Research before you buy, know weights, diameters, coin details,etc. Have them weigh the units in front of you, or if you buy online, go to a jeweler to weigh. If they have the tools to measure diameters and thicknesses do that too, or buy them yourself. Only buy government issued one oz units, there is much more potential for fakes with bigger units.
I found some very good deals on gold numismatic coins by getting to know owners at small coin shops, way under standard prices.
I've sold a couple units of gold in different shops over the years during hard times, so I know it is convertible back to cash if needed.

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