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I'm not ashamed to say this is my detector as of now. I bought it a few weeks ago after I was at the park with my kids and a guy came by detecting. My boys though that it was the coolest thing in the world that he found a quarter. So the big kid inside of me decided to get one for them and me. Being a firefighter I don't make much and having a wife and 3 boys. That being said my budget is next to nothing, hence the harbor freight detector. Now getting to the point about the detector I have found over $4 in clad a silver braclet and a scottich highland 16 button (still waiting to be identified in these forum) I've found you can discriminate to find coins if you flip the switch to discrim mode and set the knob just to the right of the double line mark on top or a little over half way. I place the sensitivity knob at 3/4 full. You will find pennies, dimes and quarters with these settings and filter out some trash. The down side to these settings is it will not pick up on nickels or gold from my test. As mentioned earlier in this post I use the pinpoint button over a signal and then move it around to judge the size of the object. If it stays within the center of the circle it most likely a coin or bottle cap or foil. If it keeps going its probably a can. But being new at this I dig it anyways. I have found one pocket spill that acted like a buried can.

Anyway I hope this helps and sorry for the long reply. I'm looking to upgrade to a fisher f2 but that will probably have to wait till Christmas unless someone would like to donate one to me

Tesoro Silver μMax: 2014 Silver: 2 Clad: $.87

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