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I amnot ashamed nor afraid to admit the 9 function HF tols detector was my first. Although I never could get the disc to work and the meter always jumped to max no matter what was under the coil it can find stuff. The day I got mine I went into a patch of land beside the rr tracks and found some rr spikes probably a foot down. Next time I used it I took my dogs to a local fenced in field to run around and while they were playing I pulled the detector out of the car to scan the lot. After a couple minutes I got a signal and started scraping the rocks away and low and behold my first coin! T was a penny and as was picking it up saw a nickle laying there. After picking the nickle up scanned the spot again and another signal. Turned out to be a pocket spill! Total was only about 50 cents but that was the turning point where I found out I love this hobby and wanted to upgrade to a major manufacturer immediately! So in short it will find things but if you dont want to dig every signal its not for you. It only has one tone and the disc doesnt work but it will find metal!
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