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Originally Posted by DrkJrny View post
Digger, I was joking about the F2. Sometimes it helps to put a light hearted spin on a bit of frustration.

So far I really enjoy the F2 and I believe that I made a wise purchase because it has exceeded my expectations. When it says something is there, it is there. I've had no problems with the pinpoint button as it has been pretty much spot on. I can tell the tones apart, but I haven't really invested much time in learning the numbers which I now plan to do.

I appreciate everyone's tips and input. More than anything else, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't doing something wrong that was causing a false identification. Being new I find myself continuously wondering if I'm doing everything right. Glad to know that others have been in my shoes.
That's cool.
We have had a few weirdos come onboard lately, and it's getting a little tough to tell the difference, nowadays.
As long as you are just the normal kind of crazy, you will fit right in with the rest of us.

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