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Default Double silver day!...with some relics.

I went to a park where one of the high school girls softball teams home field is, and hunted around for a ring or two. I wasnt disappointed. Near where the visitors dugout was, I found a nice silver ring about 3 to 4" down. The clad was kinda sparse, but I was digging mostly low tones looking for the gold.

After a little over an hour, I went up to the peace dollar field, and found the 64' Washington about 7 to 8" down near one of the corners of the field. The button with the pennant was also deep, and Im not sure what it represents. Its red and white with the "A" in the white field, and Im curious if its sports related or not. I cleaned it up a bit, but its pretty toasty and Im afraid that I might tear out the enamel if I scrub too hard.

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After cleanup......

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All of the holes except two in the peace dollar field were deep. It brings excitement because the old stuff is deep, but I use a garden knife instead of a shovel (dont want to attract unnecessary attention) and I feel like I planted about 20 trees today. nap time.

Thanks for looking and HH!

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