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Originally Posted by ScubaDetector View post
Totally agree. Fake stones in 14K and plat?? STRANGE. Congrats on the metal though
I found a ring about a year and a half ago that tested as diamonds
Took it to a jewelry store where I have spent some dollars and young lady tested it and said Its Real and a very nice diamond.

Happened to be in a jewelry store in November to get the battery in my watch changed and the lady said "My Husband detects" so I took the time to show her a couple of my finds.

The Jeweler said Can I look at your ring? He tested it and it showed that it was a diamond. He then tested it for moissanite and the test was positive. The ring is marked 14k and according to his test it has man made stones

The main stone if it was a diamond would be at least 1 carat so sometimes junk does get put in gold rings.
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