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Originally Posted by Porsche914 View post
And to add my 2 cents worth......
I would not try to make one program like another such as what you are doing with the coin to coin and jewelry. It really defeats the purpose of this machine.
Here is how I use the different programs on my V3i. I don't make a lot of adjustments, just what it takes to make it run smoother for the ground I am hunting. Typically, recovery delay.....gain......boost on or off...

If I am on a property with little trash and searching for deep silver I run the deep silver program.

Coin and jewelry for when I first get to the property to see what I am dealing with trash wise. Mixed mode if I feel I need a little more depth.

Coin mode only when trash is high and I am using the stock coil, otherwise I switch to the 4x6 coil and run a more sensitive program.

If I am asked to recover lost jewelry and it is a high conductor then I run coin only. Gold? Coin and jewelry program, or mixed mode.

For house tear outs and scraped lots I hunt in coin and jewelry or mixed mode with the small coil and drop the recovery delay for separation. Or....pull out the M6 or Nokta Impact because they are so darn fast.

I like the Mixed Mode and rarely use the Hi Pro.
I tend to disagree with you about discrimination. The first thing I did was open up Coins. Coins will not even pick up Zincs.

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