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Originally Posted by Treasurebone View post
LOL that's funny I just did this too and Hadn't seen yours...I think that push button switch needs to be removed as it IS the WEAK LINK. If one were to just replace that push button momentary switch with a toggle or momentar toggle it would be much better. I posted a video on you tube at and you can take a look at my blog at for a detailed written tutorial with photo's. Not trying to hi-jack this post just adding what I learned from my experience.
I watched your video on youtube. it was rather amusing as well. do you have to use that specific switch from radio shack or can you use any toggle switch (ex: one you may find at a auto parts store)? i think if i do that mod i'll just do the switch instead of getting into the motor thing too. i've heard some people on here increasing the depth they are able to pick up with the cen-tech. have you ever heard anything about that?

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