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There is actually a spot on the board for a DPDT switch marked BZ and MOT - the BZ is soldered closed so it is always in this mode.

I haven't reverse-engineered the schematic yet (but will eventually) but I suspect this diverts power from the Buzzer to the MOT pinout. Simple enough to test with a VOM/Multi Meter.

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Yeah, I noticed the motor markings on the PCB as well. I don't know of another Centech pointer. My guess is that maybe there is another model and they get rebranded with these features added.

Good idea with adding the DPDT switch! As you know, there is limited space in the case however I am sure Mouser will have something that fits, maybe check Digikey or Jameco as well.

My next project was to work on increasing the range of the pointer but I just haven't had any time to work on it. I was going to try and wire a new coil however the coil in the wand is currently firmly in place with epoxy. The wires are so small I am not sure how to remove it without damaging it or melting the coating on the wires. Even if I got it apart, it would be hard to make a better coil then the one already in place. Takes alot of skill, practice and patience to make a coil. Maybe someone else has tried this or has experience in this area?

Good luck with the mods!


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