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Hi Zeemang.
For me the Nox is a god sent.
I was using Excaliburís but the the cables didnít last long no matter how well I tried to maintain them. There is no Minelab agent here where I live so repairs are very expensive.
Anyway I bought Nox 600 and flooded it the first time I dunked it in the ocean.
I sent it in for repair, and bought an 800 while it was being repaired.
When I got my 600 back I took it for a swim and havenít had any problems yet.
For me being able to replace coils and headphones is important.
Love the Excal and I miss it. In a way I hate the Nox, the sound of it does my head in, but I do find gold and itís deep.
Minelab did me good on the repair and I wasnít charge for shipping.
I work these thing hard, Iíll run mine as hard as need be and send it in if it breaks. Iíll get rid of these things like hot potatoes when the warranty expires.
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