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There's a lot of "ifs" with respect to what you can expect with various coil sizes compared to a VLF machine. All things being equal, you might see some depth gain with the PI over a VLF but that's going to of course be dependent on ground, target makeup, target size, etc., etc. Generally speaking, the larger the coil the more depth you will get but there's also the issue of larger coils and very small targets. So there's no real easy answer here.

You do know that with a PI you essentially have no discrimination - so you'll be digging everything. If you're good with that then you should have a lot of targets to dig.

What you might do is use the big coil to search out those dumps, as I imagine a dump of a lot of metallic objects will look like one huge piece of metal. Then start digging and excavate and use the smaller coil to get the individual smaller bits.

I don't see a lot of advantage though to a PI in this situation - I think a comparably-sized VLF would be a lot easier due to being able to easily knock out iron, which I imagine you'd want to avoid? But, if iron objects are considered good here then even so, a VLF with a big coil and set to run in all-metal mode would likely be comparable.

Now, if the ground was REALLY mineralized, the PI might have some advantage. But typical ground I'm not sure there's a lot of advantage there. Maybe someone else can prove me wrong.

Regardless, have fun and let us know what you find!
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