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Originally Posted by Defense View post
Thank you all for the input. I'm leaning towards The Legend with the included 6" coil combo @ $635 for my high mineralization nugget searching.

How's the learning curve? Could this unit be as easy as grab and go?

As far as the learning curve for the Legend Goldfield mode…….you just need to put it in the A or G discrimination pattern, use M for the frequency, sensitivity on 25 or so, keep the recovery speed on 5 or so, iron filter on 1, iron stability on 1, overall volume to suit your needs, adjust the threshold volume and pitch where you like it, noise cancel, ground balance and go detect. Once you set it up like that the first time, it will remember your settings so subsequently you just need to noise cancel and ground balance. It couldn’t be easier…….Use the 6” coil until Nokta Makro release the 10X5” that is in development and should be out soon.

If you don’t have any small nuggets, get some really small lead fishing sinkers, cut them in half, flatten them, etc. Use them for testing in the .1 gram, .25 gram and .5 gram sizes. The sound and conductivity of small lead mimics small gold very well. The Legend will easily hit .05 gram and up sized lead or gold.

For me, the hardest part about the Legend is seeing the screen icons but hey, I’m almost 67…..

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