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Personally, if I was buying, the best bang for your buck is the Nokta Makro Legend not the ORX. You will get an excellent multi frequency (better mineralized ground handling) gold prospecting detector if the special is still on which includes the little 6” coil which is great for prospecting, you will get a much better full featured (unlike the ORX) coin and jewelry detector, it is also waterproof and with simultaneous multi frequency operation it will do very well at most saltwater beaches, it will be an excellent relic detector and it will also collapse into a very small, easily backpackable shape.

I am not trying to steer you away from the ORX. It is a fine gold prospecting detector. In higher mineralization, it is not a very good coin, jewelry and relic detector due to severe up-averaging of all non-ferrous target IDs and loss of depth using its coin modes.

So, looking down the road in the future, if you want one detector that can do it all very well, that would be the Legend or the Equinox. If you just want a dedicated gold prospecting detector….I would definitely still consider the ORX.

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