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Originally Posted by Defense View post
Thanks for the reply. I've edited my original post. I think I'm more interested in hiking and looking for Gold Nuggets strictly. I'm new, so a grab and go / intermediate level device maybe best. I'll take a look at the GM 1000 and the Gold Master 24k. I've also added to my list the Gold Bug Pro, Garrett AT Gold, Nokta Gold Kruzer, Nokta Gold Finder 2000, Gold Bug 2(Steep learning curve). Trying to keep it on the cheaper side.

Hi and welcome to the forum. You might also take a look at another forum called Detector Prospector.

I am going to recommend some different detectors. The ones you have listed are why the detectors I am going to recommend may be better for your specific needs. So you have five detectors listed that operate at a single transmit frequency over 40 kHz which is a good really small gold frequency and you have a three (including the X-Terra) that operate just below 20 kHz transmit frequency which is good for slightly larger gold but not for the more common small stuff below 0.5 grams. There are three very versatile detectors on the market that can operate at both of those frequencies by selecting them. One of these detectors can operate at a selectable single frequency that is much higher....similar to the Gold Bug 2/Gold Kruzer. Also, even though the detectors listed are not heavy, they do not have easily retractable shafts for backpacking etc.

So my first choice would be the Equinox 800 if you can find one used in good condition since it can operate in simultaneous multi frequency or selectable single frequencies. Its SMF technology will ground balance in most locations very well and make the iron mineralized ground less of a hindrance so that smaller gold is easier to detect deeper. They are expensive but finding a used one around $600 is possible.

The Nokta Makro Legend can be purchased new or very slightly used for around $600 and it is just as good as the Equinox for gold prospecting from my experience and has similar features like selectable single frequencies and SMF. It is easier to collapse and fit into a backpack. Since it is a new release, there are some more software updates already planned that will make it an even better gold prospecting detector soon. Also, a 10"X5" coil is in the works.

Then there is the XP ORX which is a dedicated gold prospecting detector. Some use it for other things too but it really was meant for the gold prospecting/relic community. It does not have selectable simultaneous multi frequency operation like the Equinox and Legend. It is super light weight (around 2 lbs), has 28 or 35 selectable single frequencies depending on which coil you get (I would recommend one of the white HF coils) and is ridiculously easy to breakdown for backpacking. The ORX can be found used for less than $400 and I have recently seen new ones for sale for less than $600. It isn't waterproof like the Equinox and Legend but despite it's lightweight, it is a very fine, extremely sensitive, rugged detector that will find gold very well.

Minelab Equinox 800, GPX 6000, Nokta Legend, Whites SPP, XP Deus 2 Lite, Garrett Pro Pointer AT, Tek-Point.

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