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Originally Posted by Defense View post
Hey there. I'm looking at getting my first metal detector. I'm located in Southern California. High desert / mountain area. Thousands of valleys, ravines and dried up river beds. I want to try looking for gold but the area has a lot of iron in the area. Not interested in beaches, parks or wet areas. I'm tying to keep it as budget friendly as possible while jumping into this new hobby.

I've been looking at the Simplex+ and Vanquish 340/440. But from what I been reading and videos I've been watching I may have a hard time with the iron (hot dirt?) with these machines?

Any suggestions?

personally I do not think the Simplex Plus would be a good detector based on what you are wanting to do the simplex is a very chatty detector on mild to moderate ground, I own one and detect similar ground too what you describe all the time

First question I have for you are you wanting to search for pretty much gold Nuggets, or are you wanting to detect for coins and jewelry also

if you are only interested in searching for gold nuggets I would go with a dedicated gold detector like the Mine Lab GM 1000 (Gold Monster) which I own, or a Garrets gold Master 24K, if you are wanting to detect for gold Nuggets and coins and Jewelry I would look at the Nokta/Macro Legend Pro Pac which I also use all the time, or the Equinox 800 which I have buddies that use the 800

another good detector that you might consider for what you want to do is the Mine Lab Xterra 705 but it is not water proof or rain proof and is no longer produced any longer, you would have to find a good used one which they do come up for sale quite often
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