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Originally Posted by Estima8tor View post
If you're looking to just clean it then soapy water or tooth paste and a nylon brush will work just fine. If you want to get some of the luster back to the brass then try some polishing compound and a brass brush. I use the same stropping compound paste that I use to polish and hone my knife blades and it works well. Just smear some polishing paste on it with a cloth and gently work on it with the brass brush. Rinse and repeat until you get the desired effect. Buff it with a clean cloth towel when you're done.

It does remove some metal so I wouldn't do this on a rare or valuable relic but for everyday finds like this brass badge it's fine. It will bring out some of the details and make your brass finds look a lot more interesting.

You can get the brass brushes and honing compound on Amazon fairly cheap.

Brass Brushes:

Honing compound (6000 to 8000 grit):
I do have the brass brushes, just need that compound, will order some and give it a try, thanks I appreciate it.
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