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LOL, KT likes to keep it simple. Since He lives out in the country, to rid the Royal property of various pests, like raccoon and opossum, and those darned tree rats, KT prefers a good .410 with buckshot. Effective on the tree rats, and for the coons and opossums, catching in a live trap and one .22 at 6 inches is a kill every time!

Sure it's not sporting, but it's them vs. KT and the Queen for the produce of the Royal Garden! KT likes His vegetables! And even the Queen is not upset with that activity. Have a trap set out right now for those pesky critters off the back porch of the Castle at the request of the Queen.

Before KT's closest neighbor quit gardening, we had little problem with these pests, but after a few years he gave up gardening, because he was just feeding the critters, so now they visit the Royal Garden on a frequent basis.

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