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Originally Posted by ColumbiaMaryland65 View post
I'm a newbie, counting today I have been out with my new DFX 4 times, today I went with another Metal Detecting person that I met on this forum. I was extremely frustrated because the three times I went out I found nothing but metal, machine read coin, I dug, metal or nothing, and I would recheck the holes etc. I took the time to read all the books, watch videos on Utube, etc. Expected to come home daily with my pockets full of coins, jewelry etc. But it wasn't as easy as I thought, look at the pictures, look at the depth, dig - cha ching -. I was about to sell my detector less than a month after I bought it. But with Billz help, we checked one of the sights I detected and he found 3 coins right off the back, I was happy because I knew there should be some there. Took my time, listened and found my first two coins a nickel and a penny. I'm excited again, because I have plenty of places to search now that I kinda know a little more. Keeping my head up, and this forum gives me hope. Thanks all
Yep, you gotta be as optimistic as possible, I mean im starting to learn to think of pulltabs as goodies, I love to dig them

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